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    It can take up to six years to build up a body of evidence to support a new drug candidate for commercial development. That’s a long time.


    At twoXAR, we are turning those years into minutes. Whether we are using your data to generate new drug candidates for a specific disease or assessing the efficacy of existing therapeutics, we can help.


    Using big data and patent-pending algorithms, we radically reduce the time it takes to find new drug candidates and assess their efficacy. Using our DUMA™ Drug Discovery platform we evaluate large public and proprietary datasets to identify and rank high probability drug-disease matches orders of magnitude faster than wet-lab approaches. These matches can be used to cross-validate clinical research, repurpose existing medicines, or identify novel drug candidates for further clinical testing.


    Our DUMA™ Drug Discovery Platform is a secure cloud-based solution that uses a patent-pending algorithm to find unanticipated associations between drug and disease. Its disease-agnostic approach includes four distinct stages: 

    1. Biological Data Extraction


    Sourcing, normalizing, and identifying disease signals in biological data sets


    2. Automated Model Generation


    Automatically generating a mathematical drug-disease model


    3. Feature Identification


    Extracting relevant factors from the model to guide drug classification


    4. Candidate Analysis


    Candidate analysis and classifying the efficacy of each drug using machine learning



    • Fast: typical engagement is from handshake to predictions in less than six months

    • Scalable: process data sets of any size in minutes using an elastic computing environment

    • Unbiased: predictions are based on statistical modeling – you control the amount of human input

    • Comprehensive: works with gene expression, protein-interaction, chemical structure, MOA, and clinical data, among others – it even handles noisy or incomplete assays

    • Agnostic: models work with any disease and have been tested on more than 20 diseases to date

    • User-friendly: predictions are summarized in easy-to-read PDF reports

    • No capex: service model requires no software license fees or local hardware installations

    Want to learn more about DUMA™ and how it worked in disease-specific case studies? Connect.


    Using our DUMA™ Drug Discovery Platform we are helping large and small R&D organizations evaluate target efficacy and expand drug pipelines. By working with twoXAR, you get the power of high-throughput screening without the time and capital expenses required performing traditional wet lab-based approaches or managing computational infrastructures. We can help you:

    Prioritize Existing Candidates


    Screen your existing candidates with additional evidence to support further investigation or early termination


    Perform Targeted Searches


    Configurable to focus on specific targets or classes of drugs






    Use custom parameters to find candidates and assess their efficacy for repositioning or new indications



    We have identified a number of candidates in therapeutic areas including autoimmunology, oncology, and neurology and are actively working with a number of leading patient advocacy, academic research, and biopharmaceutical organizations.


    If you are at an advanced stage with discovery candidates and need additional validation support or you are seeking entirely new targets, we can help. Connect.


    Some of the organizations we are collaborating with on drug discovery and candidate prioritization include:


    There are no positions currently available. Please connect with us for future opportunities.


    twoXAR's founders share more than a name, they share a commitment to disrupting the drug discovery process and accelerating the development of new medicines for rare and common health conditions.  They are supported by a team of experts in data science and systems biology and a network of advisers that includes biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research veterans.

    Andrew A. Radin

    CEO & Co-Founder


    Prior to co-founding twoXAR, Andrew held Chief Technology Officer roles at several early stage companies where he managed teams as large as a hundred technologists distributed around the world. Andrew  developed the company's proprietary algorithm and as Chief Executive Officer is focused on overall company strategy, product development and fundraising. 

    Andrew studied biomedical informatics in Stanford University's SCPD graduate program and holds Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in computer science from Rochester Institute of Technology.


    Andrew M. Radin

    CBO & Co-Founder


    Andrew M. Radin formerly worked as an investor in venture and private equity funds and has designed, built, and managed several small organizations. Andrew co-founded a mobile platform startup while at MIT. As Chief Business Officer of twoXAR, Andrew is focused on validating the market, identifying customers, building the team, and fundraising.


    Andrew holds a Master in Business Administration degree from MIT Sloan, a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry and cell biology from UCSD, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from UCSD.


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    by: Carl Farrington

    Software Architect, twoXAR


    We at twoXAR were very honored to be included this week in The AI 100, CBInsight’s list of top private Artificial Intelligence companies. It’s given me a chance to reflect on how we employ AI relative to others in the industry.


    Our focus is on drug development — and being one of the few biopharma companies to be included in the list, we use AI in a unique way. Where others may be using AI as the sole ingredient... read post here.

    by: Andrew A. Radin
    CEO, twoXAR


    As with many of my fellow Americans, I have been reflecting about events that have been highlighted in 2016 in the media. Racial strife, gun violence and a polarizing political environment were repeated themes throughout the year. Over dinners and social events, the conversations with friends and family have been morose at times, as many are wondering if society is taking a turn for the worse.


    I’m here to tell you that isn’t the case — there is a dedicated group of talented individuals working quietly to make the world a better place.


    As a recent speaker at TEDMED 2016, I was fortunate enough to meet dozens of these inspiring pioneers and watch them on stage answering a question… read post here.

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