• Drug Discovery. Accelerated.


  • twoXAR is an artificial intelligence-driven drug discovery company. The company leverages its computational platform to identify promising drug candidates, de-risks the opportunities through preclinical studies, and progresses drug candidates to the clinic through industry and investor partnerships.


    The convergence of big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence has allowed twoXAR to build a drug discovery platform that is order of magnitudes faster, cheaper, and more accurate than traditional wet-lab based approaches.


    twoXAR leverages its technology internally to build its own pipeline of therapeutic candidates across diseases as well as collaborate with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to jointly discover and develop novel drug candidates by:​

    Screening compound libraries for efficacy against a disease or list of diseases

    Identifying new drug candidates from a public library for a disease that can be developed or used as a tool compound to elucidate novel biology & create new chemical entities

    Identifying biologic targets from the elucidation of novel biology


    • Fast: typical engagement is from handshake to predictions in less than six months

    • Scalable: process data sets of any size in minutes using an elastic computing environment

    • Unbiased: predictions are based on statistical modeling

    • Comprehensive: leverages gene expression, protein-interaction, chemical structure, MOA, and clinical data, among others – it even handles noisy or incomplete assays

    • Agnostic: models work with any disease and have been tested on more than 80 diseases to date

  • Interested in collaborating with twoXAR to fill your drug pipeline?