• twoXAR is seeking a Senior Translational Scientist
    for AI-driven drug discovery.

    Palo Alto, CA

    At twoXAR, we discover drugs using artificial intelligence. We are seeking a translational scientist to bridge our in silico predictions and the preclinical proof of concept studies. The ideal candidate has a PhD from a top-tier school with a concentration in drug discovery or pharmacology and at least five years of experience at a biotech/pharma in translational science. If you’re frustrated with the lack of control and found the pace too slow at a big company, we are just what you may be seeking.
    This Palo Alto-based role is part of our core team and is critical to our success; compensation (including stock options) reflects the importance of this role and is commensurate with experience. Our benefits are competitive with the market. You will be in good company with entrepreneurs who have built systems used by tens of millions of people, held VP level-positions at Fortune 100 companies, and have had former startups end with successful sales to strategic acquirers.

    Responsibilities include

    • Own the transformation of AI-identified drug candidates into effective and safe medicines
    • Examine and prioritize candidate drugs identified by computation in a range of diseases, including oncology, autoimmune, dermatology, and ophthalmology
    • Design and manage research plans aligned with company strategies
    • Communicate scientific content, figures, and literature evidence both internally and externally
    • Use computational and preclinical evidence to optimize next steps to obtain IND status
    • Maintain scientific collaborations with KOLs, research organizations, and biotech/pharma companies
    • Support regulatory interactions by writing translational sections for correspondence
    • Integrate translational medicine plans into clinical trials design

    Required skills

    • Broad understanding of drug discovery and development, with an emphasis on transitioning from discovery research to clinical development
    • Extensive knowledge of cell and molecular biology and signaling pathways across a wide range of diseases
    • Familiarity with and acceptance of biomedical informatics research approaches
    • Proven leadership expertise including managing project and teams and mentoring people
    • Strong verbal and written communication skills
    • Demonstrated ability to adapt to the changing needs of markets, customers, budgets, etc. 


    • MD, PharmD, or PhD in biomedical sciences
    • 5 years’ experience in translational science at a biotech/pharma
    • Strong publication record
    • Availability for 5-10% travel
    • Startup minded: high energy, low maintenance, self-starter

    twoXAR is an artificial intelligence-driven drug discovery company

    We leverage our computational platform to identify promising drug candidates, validate and de-risk them through preclinical studies, and progress candidates to the clinic through industry and investor partnerships with the intent to exit assets to sale at any stage. In 2015, we raised seed financing from Andreessen Horowitz and spent 2016 running successful in vivo proof-of concept studies across multiple diseases. We have established collaborations with leading bio/pharmaceutical companies and are now scaling our business and building our internal drug pipeline.

    If you think twoXAR might be a great fit for you, send cover letter and resume to joinus@twoxar.com